Details, details and more details!

That is what macro photography is all about. Displaying the smallest insects and plants of our planet on the largest possible way. Things that people often don’t see when they look around are made tangible. Trough special designed lenses you are able to show the smallest detail that you can find on your subject.

The fun thing about macro photography is that you can practice it anywhere you want. Walk through your garden for an hour and you will find a dozen of good subjects. The biggest group of animals on earth are the insects and around your house you can often find at least a hundred different species. If you can’t find them just look closer, believe me they are there! Butterflies are also a great thing to photograph. Often sitting on a beautiful flower they can create stunning images that show a whole different world.

For me macro photography is a side issue that deserves more attention. I haven’t made much macro pictures because my interest are often on a different subject. The strange thing is that every time I make a macro image I’m stunned by what my screen is showing. Hopefully in the future this categories will get more of my attention. The attention that it deserves!

Beneath here you will find a small selection of the macro pictures that I have made.

Orange tip butterfly on a flowerButterfy with bokeh.Water drops.Flying bea.Lizard in Burgers zoo.Wasp on catapiller.Orange tip close up.Little plant.Two buuterfly'sThe hornet nest.Caterpillar on a thread.Bubbles in the mudOrange tip butterfly on flower.Mushroom.Mushrooms in the MaasduinenOrange tipped butterflyJuffer, South-AfricaFlowermoth, NetherlandsReady for takeoff? NetherlandsWans, NetherlandsButterfly of flower, Indonesia
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