With the Olympus OM30 I bought my First DSLR camera halfway the 90’s. Through the years the camera has evolved from analogue to digital and from DSLR to Mirror less. The brand has never changed because I’m still an Olympus / OM system user. Nowadays my main photography camera is done with the OM System OM-1 and the Olympus EM1X.

The philosophy of the brand has always suited my wishes perfectly. Small lightweight camera systems that are easy to take with you. I can take all my gear in one bag and makes me really flexible. I can adjust myself to all kinds of different subject with no problem at all. The cameras are also fully weather sealed and so I don’t have to be afraid of the most diverse kinds of weather. Even a picture close or underneath a waterfall is no problem at all. The cameras are also packet with all kinds of great features like HDR, Focus stacking, Live ND filters and even subject recognition.

In the meantime Olympus has changed into OM System but that is no reason for me to change anything. With the new OM-1 camera the brand has shown to build fantastic camera’s once again. It probably won’t take long before the new OM-1 will be in my possession .

Since 2022 I am also an official member of the OM System ambassador team. This is a really nice collobaration that hopefully will give some benefits to both sides in the future.

Underneath here you will find a list of gear that I use at this moment. If you have any questions about functionality or my opinion about any of these product then don’t hesitate to send me a message. I will answer as soon as possible with my answers or honest opinions.

Olympus Em-m5 mkiii
Olympus 7-14 f2.8 Pro
Olympus 12mm f2.0
Olympus 12-40 f2.8 Pro
Olympus 12-100 f4 pro
Olympus 45mm f1.2 Pro
Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro
Olympus 40-150 f2.8 Pro
Olympus 100-400 f5 - f6.3
Olympus 300mm F4 Pro
Olympus Mc14 1.4 teleconverter
Olympus Mc20 2.0 teleconverter
Olympus BLH1 battery's 4x
Olympus Fl36 flash
Olympus CBG-12 Camera bag
Rollei C6i pro carbon Black tripod
Freewell filter kit

If you are interested in buying any similar product then please visit your local Olympus / OM System dealer or visit the webshop.

Olympus / OM System worldwide website.

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